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Selling real estate can be difficult … potentially. What happens if you have no sales? Or, the prospects referred by word of mouth stop calling? Then what? We’re sure you can guess. Mortgage lead generation can seriously increase your prospective audience and offer your business more opportunities.

We understand how scary feeling unprepared can be. In business having a strategy is important. 

In this article, you will learn what mortgage lead generation actually is, why it’s important and the way to start using it to your advantage. 

Let’s move right into it.

What Is Mortgage Lead Generation?

Mortgage lead generation is when a homeowner’s mortgage information (which is stored in a mortgage database) can be used to generate prospects you can market too, based on the criteria selected from that database. 

In other words, you create unique leads from a master list of homeowners by using characteristics you specifically choose about the homeowner. This, in turn, becomes your ideal prospect mortgage generated lead list. 

Why Mortgage Lead Generation Is Important For Your Business?

Having a master list of homeowners is a great start to building leads, but why is this important to you? Well for starters mortgage lead generation, helps you make better decisions on the types of people to target. It tells you who is a homeowner in your area and who just bought a home too! 

In business, your time is precious. Saving time and resources is worth its weight in gold. Being able to see what mortgage rate a prospect has, and their credit score from all three credit bureaus is a lifesaver.

Knowing who just purchased a new home is also valuable. You can tailor your marketing specific to your target audience! Doing so will make you stand out from any of your competitors. 

With this resource, you can target specific geographical areas, see the original loan amount, monthly payments and so much more.

This can help every aspect of your real estate business, restaurant, dry-cleaning service and pretty much any other business grow and build a solid stream of leads. This is why mortgage lead generation is so powerful.  

Who Can Take Advantage Of Mortgage Lead Generation?

The powerful nature of tailoring your marketing efforts with mortgage lead generation is not solely for the large corporate real estate companies. It is for all businesses large and small. It’s no longer a secret Datamasters is the most trusted source for mortgage data lists

Understanding who in your neighborhood owns a home can be rewarding for several businesses. Later we discuss some examples of using a mortgage leads list. For now, let’s list some businesses that can take advantage of mortgage lead generation. 

  • Debt Consolidation Businesses
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Cleaning Services

Just to name a few.

Ways You Can Use Mortgage Lead Generation?

Imagine this for a moment, A person walks into your business and says “thank you so much for welcoming me to the neighborhood! I received your post-card in the mail.  I was relocated because of work and was not sure where I could find __ (your services). But after receiving your postcard you made it easy. I have some questions about your service”.

Wouldn’t that be great?

By using mortgage lead generation, you can target new homeowners in the area, personalize a message through email, direct mail or phone (you can target any geographical location).

Mortgage lenders can review the mortgage rates of homeowners, and calculate a refinance for a homeowner with a less than a favorable rate. 

There are countless ways to tailor messages to your potential leads based on the information you can gather from a mortgage database list about the homeowner. 

Don’t forget you can get the leads:

  • Name
  • Dob
  • Purchase date
  • Square footage
  • Property value
  • Presence of children
  • Marital status 
  • Lenders name

And much more.   

What If It Doesn’t Work?

DataMasters mission is to help your business grow and be successful. Using state of the art technology and software, they make sure all the information provided to you is accurate and useful. Before you agree to any services, you can have a free no-obligation consultation. So you can slowly take your time and discuss what you need and see how DataMasters can help. 

There data specialists work with you to guide you in creating mortgage leads. You will have the power and control to make adjustments based on the characteristics you select for your lead generation. By using a strategic approach you will know what works and what doesn’t. 

Knowing where to make changes and what to leave alone is something necessary in a successful marketing strategy. DataMasters provides you with that peace of mind.  

What Are The Benefits Of Mortgage Lead Generation

It’s hard to imagine not being successful generating leads when you have DataMasters in your corner. Let’s just go over a few benefits of using mortgage lead generation. 

  1. Endless Lead opportunity: You have access to almost 70 million active mortgage records throughout the United States
  2. Mortgage data is updated monthly: All your leads are current and accurate, guaranteed!
  3. Guaranteed steady lead generation: Generate your ideal prospect with an endless amount of data available. 
  4. Flexibility: Understand your target audience better by knowing when and how you should adjust your mortgage lead list. Saving you time and trouble.  

This is a small list. The benefits received when you begin to use mortgage lead generation as part of your marketing strategy has endless potential. 

Let’s Recap

Reaping the rewards of mortgage lead generation is easy, saves time and meets the objective you are trying to accomplish – which is to generate quality leads for your business.

You can target homeowners in your surrounding area, or a specific location you want within the United States. You’ll create a list of ideal leads with criteria you select, that Datamasters provides from their bountiful network of compiled resources. 

You have also learned why mortgage lead generation is important, and how it helps remove the guesswork out of marketing and keeps a steady flow of customers using your services. 

Next steps

The only thing left to do now is to put what you learned into action. Start using mortgage lead generation to improve your lead quality and use the secret successful businesses have been using for years.

Datamasters is the leader in target marketing and mortgage lead generation. And will work one on one with you to help give you excellent support every step of the way. Call them at (469) 549-1800.