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Are you a Lawyer looking for new leads and a steady flow of new clients? Yes, if you’re a lawyer you can be in high demand, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need leads, or that you don’t need to market your firm. Maybe you’ve been so busy that you haven’t  noticed a decline in new clients.  But now that things have slowed down, you need business and you want to take the fastest route to make that happen. That’s where lawyer mailing lists come in handy. 

If you’re not familiar with mailing lists this article will explain it in detail. This proven way to attract new clients is used by the most successful businesses in the world. 

Even referrals dry up sometimes, and it can be hard to cold call hundreds of people or send out a random mailing hoping for some luck. 

People need lawyers, that’s a given. What you can do differently to keep your office full with cases is to your approach to how you market to your audience. Want to know how?

Let’s get to the facts and help you create new leads with your targeted lawyer mailing list. 

What is A Mailing List — The Basics

It’s simple, you need clients to practice law, and if you don’t have them you have no practice. 

Mailing lists let people know in your surrounding area about your services. These lists are engineered with a reservoir of phone numbers, emails, names and addresses, of people in your area. 

What amplifies the lawyer mailing list from just a list of data into a laser focused strategy is the explicit details you include to generate that list.

Are you thinking? You need more information. That would make sense. 

Before grasping the flexibility of a mailing list you need to go deeper into what makes it powerful. With that in mind let’s move on, and learn more.

What Makes a Targeted Lawyer Mailing List Different?  

Earlier, we used the term “targeted strategy”. What does this mean? 

When you begin to work with mailing lists there are more than one you can approach it. And not being selective of where you get your list from can lead to not creating a targeted strategy at all. 

In other words, you will be casting out a large net, marketing to random prospects; which is a recipe for disaster.

Yes, it’s possible you can get a few clients through the door but it won’t be clients ready to do business. Just inquiries more than often.

Your goal  is to create life long, committed clients when you use your lawyer marketing list and to build relationships with your new clients. That is the difference between a targeted lawyer mailing list and one that just attracts possibility.

Datamasters works with businesses from all over the world, to help them target the specific client they need to do business with. And that is what they will do for you. 

But before we get ahead of ourselves and talk about their incredible services, let’s stay on track. 

You need to have a clear prospect list and a plan on how you get that list so you don’t waste time. And are not left with a list of names and addresses that depreciates in value. 

Marketing That’s More Personalized

As a lawyer, you deliver specific instructions for your clients to follow to solve their personal problem, so they can get on with their lives as it once was. Does that sound like a fair assessment?

Each person that comes to your office has different needs. Telling a client about workers comp laws would be foolish if they are in your office to discuss a divorce.

Your advice is custom and personalized to each individual. 

The same goes for targeted lawyer mailing lists.

When using targeted mailing lists, you give specific variables about the demographic you want to market. 

You look for unique criteria that is important to the type of client you want to attract. And you create your mailing lists to meet that criteria. 

What does this do?

It provides you with a clear marketing strategy and a defined plan to examine as you market the  campaign. So you see if things are working how you planned.   

It always helps to give some examples, to simplify the process. Let’s examine how every list you make is tailored to your needs. 

How You Create Unique Mailing Lists With Datamasters 

You can create unnecessary turmoil, by selecting a poor informational database provider for your customized mailing lists. This squanders time and money, so go with a trusted and well established pro like Datamasters.

Datamasters has over 2 decades of experience formulating mailing lists that you  can use for your clients. Their mission is to always continue their reputation as the industry leader in delivering accurate and result driven data to clients that will grow their business. 

So, what are some examples of criteria you can use to create your targeted lawyer mailing list?

Imagine, you offer financial law services for pension plans at your firm. You can specifically target people of retirement age in your local area, or in the surrounding area.

All you need is to pick zip code and the range in age. DataMasters can generate this data for the people meeting your criteria. Then you can tailor direct response literature explaining how you fight to get your clients more for their retirement.  

Say you specialize in property law, you can create a tailored list targeting homeowners in the area, you can also receive mortgage rates and get information about loan amounts and providers. With access to that information you can see which homeowners were given less than favorable loans and offer your services. 

Do you practice medical insurance law? You can craft a mailing list with medical and insurance data and target clients with outstanding medical bills. Offer them some piece of mind by offering your service. There may be a way you can help them they are not aware of. This kind of personalized marketing is what makes your firm a household name and builds loyal clients. 

It Boils Down To This

DataMasters has one on one consultations, highly skilled data specialists and can design your direct mail that is proven to get results. They have print services, and can handle the processing and mailing for you! 

It’s simple and very effective. 

So let’s recap:

In this article, you learned what a targeted lawyer mailing list is, and what they can do for you right away. You also learned the power they hold for generating leads and how you can get started immediately. As a lawyer your entire livelihood is about taking action — so don’t wait.

The next step is simple, getting started is very easy, here’s what you do:

Contact DataMasters today, pick up the phone and give them a call. They can be reached at (469) 549-1800.

Taking action today will sling shot  you towards success. Let DataMasters provide you with the details you need, and confirm why they’re the best decision for using lawyer mailing lists to generate quality leads.