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Single Family Dwelling Units

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What Is a Single-Family Dwelling Unit (SFDU)?

A single-family home, often abbreviated as SFDU, refers to a residential building or a part of a building that encompasses one or more rooms equipped for living, cooking, dining, sleeping, and hygiene purposes, specifically intended for the permanent residence of a single family or household. This type of home can be connected to additional homes through one or more shared vertical walls.

A single-family dwelling can be a conventional single-family detached or mobile home or a single unit within a multi-family residential complex such as a townhouse, condominium, apartment building, duplex, triplex, fourplex, or rowhouse.

Direct Marketing to Owners and Renters of Single-family Dwelling Units (SFDUs)

At DataMasters, we understand how important it is for our clients to reach all customers, whether they own or rent their homes. Owners and renters of single-family dwelling units might be the customers your business has been looking for, and we can help you use direct marketing to find new customers in strategic, targeted markets with effective mailing lists explicitly designed for your target audience.

The DataMasters database houses information for owners and renters of single-family dwelling units that includes landline and cell phone numbers, and our database is completely customizable for your needs. Our database customization is extremely powerful, and our highly trained, experienced data specialists will work with you to ensure you’ll reach the people who fit your target customer profile and are most likely to do business with your company. Our data specialists can help you narrow our list down to your ideal customers using filters like:

  • Age
  • Dwelling Type
  • Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Length of Residency
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Presence of Children
  • Presence of Pets (Dog/Cat)
  • Specific Interests
  • USPS Mail Carrier Route
  • Zip Code

Who Would Benefit from Marketing to People Who Own or Rent Single-Family Dwelling Units?

Customers and businesses benefit from targeted direct advertising. Customers benefit because they’re given information about services and products they want and need. Companies benefit because they’re reaching their target market and ideal customers effectively. Targeted direct advertising is a vast, untapped source of potential customers.

How Does Direct Marketing Work?

Direct marketing relies on presenting information directly to an individual customer instead of through a mass distribution marketing channel like TV ads or radio ads. Delivery methods often used with direct marketing campaigns include mail, email, social media posts or direct messages, text messages, telemarketing, mail-order catalogs, promotional flyers and coupons, and door-to-door visits.

The first step when developing a direct marketing campaign is to determine your target demographic. Once you’ve identified your target group, you’ll create a custom advertisement that appeals to this group.

With most advertising mediums, there’s no way to know who you are reaching, and you need a broad advertisement targeting a wide variety of potential customers to yield a positive return on your investment. With direct marketing, you’ll know who you’re reaching. This means you can focus on what appeals to your target group and create a custom advertisement that is more effective and appealing.

After creating your targeted marketing list and custom advertisement, you send it out using your chosen delivery method.

How Do Business Mailing Lists Work?

Business mailing lists give businesses a targeted list of potential customers most likely to need your product or service. This leads to a higher success rate than other non-targeted advertising methods like billboards, newspapers, television, and radio ads.

What Are Targeted Lists?

A targeted or targeted marketing list is a list of customers in your target audience used for marketing. Targeted marketing lists can help your business and are created from information collected and inserted into a specialized database. This specialized database can be sorted based on several different filters. Selecting filters matching your target customer profile helps you create a list of potential customers with the same qualities as your target customer. This means they will likely be interested in the product or service you are offering.

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The DataMasters Single-Family Dwelling Unit Database

Our entire single-family dwelling unit database includes information on single-family dwelling unit owners and renters. Our process provides a near-perfect reliability factor when providing the correct name and address. Our list is scrubbed regularly to ensure you won’t be contacting someone who has opted out of receiving advertisements.

Our data experts will help your company utilize this massive database most effectively to reach your target audience. With our data specialists’ help, you’ll get your prospective customers quickly.


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