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Want to focus on car enthusiasts? Our automotive lists can be customized to find new car buyers, antique car enthusiasts and more.


Our Senior Citizen and Baby Boomer Data is compiled through Public Records, Census Data, Credit Bureau Information + Multiple Proprietary Data Sources for Direct Mail, Telemarketing & Email Broadcasting.


Our Mortgage Database is ideal for Mortgage Companies & Loan Officers who need to contact Homeowners with High-Interest Rates, who are in need of a Refinance.


We currently have on our USA Hispanic Database a little over 12.5 Million Hispanic Households and over 20 Million Individuals who have Hispanic Surnames.


DataMasters can take your Direct Mail Project from the Idea Stage to the Creative Design Stage
to the List Procurement Process on to the Printing & Mailing of your Mail Piece.

Find new customers

Find new customers with effective, targeted mailing lists

We provide one-on-one solutions to identify strategic, targeted markets. Don’t rely on self-serve lists when you can have a highly trained, experienced data specialist work with you deliver Accurately Targeted Marketing Campaigns with Competitive Pricing.

What We Bring to Your Project

  • Business Mailing Lists
  • Telemarketing and Email Lists
  • Medical and Insurance Marketing Data
  • Automotive and Homeowner Data
  • Consumer Advertising Data
  • Printing Services and Database Products

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Our Goal is Your Success!

Our extensive Database Products, Print and Mail Services and Direct Marketing Data Expertise will help reach your potential customers via Print, Telemarketing and Email. Each product can be laser targeted to deliver your message to just the right audience. Our goal is your marketing success, and a long-term business relationship, not just a quick sale.

Data Quality Matters

Print and mail marketing can be expensive, so why take a risk that the list you purchase is not the highest quality? Our database is guaranteed to be current and effective.

Email Marketing

Email is a highly effective solution for many businesses. What is the secret to being a successful email marketer? High-quality email lists that are targeted for the most effective results.


Print & Mailing Services

Getting your message in front of the correct person is paramount. Delivering the most effective marketing piece is crucial. Get higher response rates with effective, split-tested design and printing.


DataMasters helps businesses of all sizes and industries reach their target customers. They accomplish this through the use of targeted mailing lists. Their data specialists provide individualized solutions to help identify your target market. They also guide you through the process of delivering an accurately targeted marketing campaign, all with competitive prices.

DataMasters has been in the business of providing high-quality data to their clients for several years. In addition, their print marketing services really help clients reach their potential and connect with their target audience in a way that they were missing before. Satisfaction is the DataMasters priority. This is why the provide ongoing support and one-on-one consultations to ensure your needs are being met.

Why Choose Us?

The answer is clear. Our quality is above all others because we go the extra mile to ensure the data we provide is up-to-date and accurate. Many other data companies don’t regularly clean their lists and you’re left with wrong phone numbers or wrong addresses. You can rest easy knowing that our database is current and will provide the quality results your business needs.

We have a database for just about every industry, including:

  • Automotive Mailing Lists
  • Aircraft Mailing Lists
  • Antique Mailing Lists
  • ATV Mailing Lists
  • Boat Mailing Lists
  • Motorcycle Mailing Lists
  • Semi-Truck Mailing Lists
  • RV Mailing Lists
  • Apartment Mailing Lists
  • Single Family Home Mailing Lists
  • Consumer Mailing Lists
  • Purchase Behavior Mailing Lists
  • Donors Mailing Lists
  • Ethnic Mailing Lists
  • Family Mailing Lists
  • Hispanic Mailing Lists
  • Occupation Mailing Lists
  • Senior Mailing Lists
  • Student Mailing Lists
  • Voter Mailing Lists
  • Families with Young Adults Mailing Lists
  • Medical Mailing Lists
  • Business Mailing Lists
  • New Business Mailing Lists
  • Commercial Property Owners Mailing Lists
  • New Homeowners Mailing Lists
  • Swimming Pool Owners Mailing Lists
  • Mobile Home Mailing Lists
  • Mortgage Mailing Lists

These are just samples of the various mailing lists we can supply to our clients based on their needs and target customer profile.

Reach new consumers now with a laser-targeted mailing list.

One of the most common methods employed by top businesses to reach new or potential customers is through mailing lists. Using laser-targeted lists may allow you to better deliver new consumers who are more inclined to not only buy your products or services, but also keep coming back again and again. At Datamasters, we only utilize the finest market intelligence software on the market and can precisely target your demographic.

Online marketing is getting more and more popular, but direct mail, using mailing lists, is still one of the most effective ways to attract customers.

How are our mailing lists different?

It’s amazing what you can do with software. Self-service data sources that allow you to build and buy your lists are not doing you any favors. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you know what you’re looking for?
  • Is it possible to identify your target market with the appropriate keywords?
  • Do you know which selectors to filter by?

We’ll talk to you and figure out exactly what you’re attempting to accomplish. Don’t leave it to a point-and-click system if you want the best outcomes possible. We can put together your mailing lists right now!

For the most effective mailing lists that get results, call the professionals at

Mailing Lists – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of mailing list do I need?

There are several sorts of mailing lists that target specific audiences in order to reach your intended audience more effectively. Postal mailing lists, email lists, and phone number databases can all be highly targeted to your target prospect.

Click here to learn more about mailing lists.

2. Who is my target market or demographic?

Choosing who to target is just as crucial as your message. If you send a letter about the newest hearing aids to a list of 20-year-olds, you’ll probably get few replies. In many situations, it’s obvious who your target market or demographic is, but do you know all of the variables? We do!

Click here to learn more about finding the right demographic.

3. What mailing list data variables are available?

Identify your target audience with the help of variables. Variable data allows you to pinpoint your demographic more precisely, resulting in improved outcomes. So, what are some of those variables? Age, gender, location and other factors are numerous that we need a page to describe them all.

Click here to learn more about data variables.

What is Direct Marketing?

The term “direct marketing” refers to the practice of selling goods or services directly to the general public. Print, websites, online adverts, database marketing and flyers are all examples of direct marketing that may be used to promote your business. Direct marketing, sometimes known as direct response marketing, is the process of contacting people directly to offer them something.

Direct marketing is the practice of selling goods or services to customers without the use of a physical location. Simply said, directly to the consumer. Many businesses, on the other hand, use direct marketing to contact their target market even if they do have a physical location.

Customer Data is the Focus of Direct Marketing

The customer is the ultimate goal of direct marketing and is a key ingredient. Direct marketing emphasizes on the customer’s needs and wants. A business should always ask themselves how they can make the consumer happy before considering a campaign. In many situations, direct marketers will use two strategies or messages at the same time to determine which is more effective. Split testing is another name for this. When it comes to direct marketing, a high-quality, targeted list is required in order to be successful.

Direct Marketing Lists

High-quality lists contain additional relevant information, including the names of companies or consumers, addresses, contact numbers, behavioral data (for example, business history or purchasing habits), and other characteristics. Marketing campaigns that are targeted to a specific demographic perform better because the message can be planned more meticulously to elicit a reaction. Sending an offer for a pet product to people who don’t own pets, for example, would be ineffective. It’s critical to understand your ideal or best customer. Direct marketing is used by a wide range of organizations, including both large and small businesses.

Types of Lists

Mailing Lists – typically a mailing list consists of a business or consumer name and their mailing address. Good lists should return a high deliverability rate. This means, the addresses purchased should be up to date and good, so very few mail pieces are returned.

Email Lists – Email lists are similar to mailing lists but instead of being delivered to a physical address, they’re delivered to an email address. These, too, should have a high rate of deliverability.

Phone Lists – Phone lists are comprised of phone numbers, often as an addendum to mailing lists. Having both a phone list and mailing list ensures you can send out an original campaign and follow-up with the prospect.

With over 20 years of experience in data solutions, we at can assist you in determining the best solution for your marketing objectives.

Please contact us today to learn more about our successful direct marketing databases and methods.

Alternative Marketing

In addition to direct mail marketing and email marketing, DataMasters offers Alternative Marketing solutions for companies thinking outside the box.

Trigger Leads and Real Time Leads for Auto Loans and New Car Shoppers, as well as Auto Health and Life Insurance Long Form Leads, are now available through DataMasters.

We currently generate on a daily basis the below averages in Real Time through our Ping/Post Platform. All leads are generated by one of the following methods:

  • Email Campaigns
  • SEO
  • Call Center Traffic generated Leads

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Ringless Voice Mail Services

Ringless Voicemail Campaign Broadcasting Services are provided by Datamasters. We will make your customized mobile phone marketing list, or we’ll use a third-party phone list on your behalf. Otherwise, you provide us with your Voicemail Script, Caller ID/Scheduling, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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IP Targeted Digital Advertising

DataMasters can now match any Name & Address List to an IP/Address Match and send your Digital Advertisement Message to the corresponding Household or company PC that we have successfully linked with an IP address. With our Customers Name and Address Data, we’ve been achieving a 98.5 percent IP match rate. Your Digital Ad will appear on a variety of major sites, including as follows:

  • CNN
  • ESPN

The IP Matching is done using a unique method. This Geo-Location Technology generates a 98.5 percent accurate consumer profile, and it allows us to place advertising on any computer by utilizing any home or business address.

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What Makes Flower Mound TX Special?

Flower Mound is a family-friendly community located in the North Texas region, just south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Flower Mound is a small town that embraces and encourages a dynamic economic development environment while maintaining a traditional small-town feel.

Past and Present

The Town is now actively promoting a developing commercial development sector centered around the Lakeside Business District, on the North Shore of Lake Grapevine, and the Denton Creek District, which is located in the expanding I-35 West corridor.

Convenience and Ease

Flower Mound has become the greatest location in North Texas to live, work, and enjoy oneself due to its excellent schools, low crime rate, and numerous recreational activities. DFW International Airport, as well as access to Dallas and Fort Worth via the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth are all accessible from Flower Mound via four different highways.

Things to do in the Flower Mound TX Area

25 Things To Do In and Around Flower Mound TX

1. Stone Creek Park
Stone Creek Park is a great place to stop and visit with your family! Flower Mound’s Stone Creek Park is the ideal spot for an afternoon stroll or a play date with your kids.
Address: 1400 Fuqua Dr, Flower Mound, TX
2. Moviehouse Eatery
Are you hosting an elegant date night? Moviehouse Eatery offers deluxe seats and a delectable cuisine with items like wing lollipops and fish tacos!
Address: 951 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound, TX
3. CAC Waterpark
The CAC Waterpark is a fantastic water park for the entire family! Whether you want to splash about, swim some laps, or tan while relaxing, CAC Waterpark is the place to go!
Address: 1200 Gerault Rd, Flower Mound, TX
4. Founder’s Plaza
The Founder’s Plaza is located in the city’s center, surrounded by some fantastic stores and eateries. It’s ideal for anybody seeking a beautiful vista while sampling some local cuisine!
Address: 500 Parker Square Rd, Flower Mound, TX
5. Grapevine Botanical Garden
The Grapevine Botanical Garden features a beautiful landscape and water features, making it a popular location for photography. The next time you’re in the neighborhood, grab some fantastic photographs!
Address: 411 Ball St, Grapevine, TX
6. The Ark (Indoor Playground)
The Ark is an amazing indoor play area with brilliant murals, a lot of space to climb and play, and the occasional story time or character appearance! The Ark will be loved by your children.
Address: 590 S Denton Tap Rd, Coppell, TX
7. Visit A.W. Museum
The AW Perry Homestead Museum excites history by immersing you in the culture and routine of a 20th century Texan! Stop by to see the museum or sign up for an event.
Address: 1509 Perry Rd, Carrollton, TX
8. Attend Music City Mall
Every day, Music City Mall opens its doors for live music and shopping. It’s a unique spin on the usual mall trip.
Address: 2401 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX
9. Grapevine Public Art Trail
The Grapevine Public Art Trail is a self-guided walking tour between the Cotton Belt Depot and Northwest Highway that includes breathtaking murals and sculptures.
10. Red Door Escape Room
The best escape rooms in the country are the Red Door Escape Rooms! Put your skills to the test and see if you can get out.
Address: 280 Commerce St Suite 285, Southlake, TX
11. Round1 Grapevine
Round1 is located within Grapevine Mills and has everything you need for a fantastic time at the lanes, arcade games, and even karaoke.
Address: 3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy, Grapevine, TX
12. Marshall Creek Ranch
Marshall Creek Ranch is ideal for horseback riding and other outdoor activities when not hosting fantastic summer camps.
Address: 4401 T W King Rd, Southlake, TX
13. Corky’s Gaming Bistro
Come on down to Corkey’s Gaming Bistro and let it all out. You’ll walk away feeling much better, we promise.
Address: 3520 Grapevine Mills Blvd N, Grapevine, TX
14. Grapevine Lake
Grapevine Lake is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon with lots of seasonal and holiday activities, great boating and rentals, and such a convenient location!
15. Heritage Park
Heritage Park is a fantastic park in Flower Mound that you must visit if you’re in the area. If you’re in the area, make sure to bring your children to this public park with a natural theme. There’s plenty to discover at Heritage Park, which offers a nature trail, bronze statues, nearby restrooms and picnic areas.
If you go in the summertime, be sure to cool off at Heritage Springs Splash Pad!

Address: 600 Spinks Rd, Flower Mound, TX

16. Witherspoon Distillery Tour
Allow the experts to show you how to distill high-quality whiskey at Witherspoon Distillery. Don’t leave without trying one of their handcrafted cocktails, whether it’s for a date night or visiting with friends!
Address: 225 S Charles St, Lewisville, TX
17. Murrell Park
You’ve arrived at the ideal location for stretching your legs or watching the sunset if you’re looking for a lovely place to park. Spend the day trekking through the woods or fishing on Lake Fork, or stay longer in their camping sites.
Address: 880 Simmons Rd, Flower Mound, TX
18. DFW Surf
Renting equipment with DFW Surf will allow you to really feel the summer. Make your way out onto the lake with your paddle board and pals.
Address: Boathouse Dr, Grapevine, TX
19. Twin Cove Park
Twin Cove’s vast expanse of parkland, which features opportunities for fishing, hiking, and camping, as well as a huge connecting lake where the activities appears endless!
Address: 5001 Wichita Trail, Flower Mound, TX
20. Sam’s Dock
With a private boat party, Sam’s Dock can take your lake day to the next level! You’ll have a fantastic day with them when you choose among numerous sizes and types of boats.
Address: 4500 Murrell Park Rd, Flower Mound, TX
21. Umbra Winery
Grab a group of friends or your significant other for an unforgettable evening (despite the excellent wine) at Umbra Winery!
Address: 415 S Main St, Grapevine, TX
22. Historic Downtown Grapevine
The magnificent architecture and aesthetic of this historical downtown Grapevine area is breathtaking! Bring a camera since you’ll want some photographs taken between shopping at local boutiques or eating at delicious restaurants!
Address: 636 S. Main St, Grapevine, TX
23. Elm Fork Nature Reserve
The Elm Fork Forest Preserve is a natural haven that is also well-maintained by employees and locals. Visit the Elm Fork Forest Preserve next to experience nature in its raw, yet beautiful form.
Address: 2335 Sandy Lake Rd, Carrollton, TX
24. The Shops at Highland Village
Between shopping at one of the area’s gorgeous clothing stores to the next, pick up a delectable mixed drink or lunch from one of the local restaurants! You’ll leave with a happy heart and an empty wallet as a result of your excursion!
Address: 1701 Shoal Creek, Highland Village, TX
25. Nash Farm
Visit Nash Farms to learn about Grapevine city history. Please dress the part for the full experience and see their calendar for one of their exciting events!
Address: 626 Ball St, Grapevine, TX