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When you’re in business, you’re constantly looking for ways to reach out to new customers and keep current customers engaged. One way to attract new customers is to contact people via email. But, with new laws in place, you have to be careful about sending out cold emails people aren’t expecting. There are regulations in place to protect people’s personal information and privacy that business owners need to be aware of before hitting the send button on their emails. One of those regulations is the GDPR. It’s still possible to send email with GDPR but there are some practices to keep in mind.

What is GDPR?

GDPR, or the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, went into effect in May of 2018. It is one of the biggest data privacy acts to be enacted in the past 20 years. It aims to protect the personal information of anyone in the European Union. If your company receives web traffic from European Union visitors, then you must comply with the GDPR even if your business is physically located in the United States.

How do I comply with the GDPR?

Since the GDPR is more focused on protecting people’s personal information, the steps you take to comply with it are focused on personal security.

If your company collects personal information to send emails, then you must first get consent before obtaining that information. Also, don’t ask for information you don’t need or don’t intend to use. This is another way to be sure you’re complying with the GDPR. This way, there are no questions about what you intend to do with that personal information if you choose not to send emails with it.

Another thing to be aware of is that if you offer a piece of content on your website and then ask for the person’s email address in order for them to see it, you must be very clear about how their information is going to be used. You must also provide the choice to opt-out of future emails along with a link to your GDPR compliant privacy policy. By law, you shouldn’t send any emails to people in the European Union unless you comply with the GDPR. Doing so is a violation that could get you in trouble.

If you intend to send unsolicited email, you need to abide by these rules. Not only can you face fines if you don’t, but you also run the risk of portraying your business in a bad light. People want to do business with companies they can trust. If people can’t trust you not to send them email they don’t want, how can they trust the services or products you’re providing?

If you obtain a person’s information and are crystal clear that you intend to market to them and follow all of the rules, then you can still cold email with GDPR is in place.

Using email lists with GDPR

One way to effectively send emails under the GDPR is to use email lists. Working with a company, such as DataMasters, that can develop a targeted email list, can be much more effective. You can also be assured that you’re not breaking any rules associated with the GDPR.

Here’s an example of how using an email list from DataMasters can help you market effectively with email.

If you’re selling auto related products, DataMasters can develop an email list of car enthusiasts based on factors like geography, car make and model, as well as demographics. If your business is related to one car brand, you can get email lists targeted toward owners of that brand. This can dramatically increase your success rate compared to sending unsolicited emails to people who don’t even have the type of car you’re trying to target.

If you’re going to spend your time developing emails and using them as a marketing tool, isn’t it better to take the route that is most effective and successful?

Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing with GDPR

Email lists allow you to not only target potential customers who have an interest in your business, but also help you to portray your business as one that has done its homework and cares about its customers. You can also personalize your emails so people feel as though they’ve already connected with your business before spending anything. This will make them more apt to find out more about your business and patronize it.

An email can tell a potential customer a lot about your business. Let every piece of information they get shine a positive light on your business. If you’re ready to get the most of your email marketing campaign, let Data Masters show you how. Our team of experts can develop mailing lists that get results!

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