Families with Young Adults

Contact Families with Young Adults Ages 18 through 22 through Direct Mail!

DataMasters have a Specialty File of Families with College Age Young Adults with almost 6.7 Million Households that have a family member from 18 to 22 years of age.

Why get your listing through DataMasters?

In the USA, we have:

approximately 1.4 Million Households with 18 Year Old Children
another 5.23 Million households with at least 1 Child age 19 through 22

So that's 6,681,275 total households available with this Young Adult Age Subset!

18 1,441,430
19 974,642
20 1,115,044
21 1,460,192
22 1,689,967
TOTAL 6,681,275


These families are ideal prospects for:

College Funding Offers
2 year or 4 Year University offers
Vocational School Offers

These Young Adults are also ideal prospects for:

Military Recruitment Offers

Also many Auto Dealers have great success marketing to First Time Car buyers utilizing the Age Group.

Our Database is ideal for any business that could benefit from reaching out to this
18 to 22 year old age group.

Postal Pricing

Type Quantity Price
Households 1,000 $0.16 each
Households 5,000 $0.09 each
Append Cell Phone Numbers additional $0.02 per Cell Phone Number
Append Email addresses additional $0.03 per email address

***Inquire with respect to further volume discounts.***

Please call, (800) 897-1183, or email us with any questions.