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Consumer Mailing Lists for Targeted Direct Marketing

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Consumer mailing lists provide a unique opportunity for businesses to target their ideal customers. These lists use data that has been compiled from numerous sources to first form a database. This database can then be filtered to select the traits that match those of target customers. By narrowing your target audience you can save money on advertising costs while increasing the return on your investment.

Consumer Mailing List Options

DataMasters is a leading expert in the field of consumer databases and mailing lists. We provide high quality, noteworthy information that you can use to maximize your reach. You can then select who you want to market to and customize advertisements for these customers. You’ll attract the customers you want while providing them with a product or service that will benefit them.

Furthermore, our consumer mailing lists are highly customizable to meet your needs. For example, some of the common requests we receive for consumer data lists include requests for:

  • Apartment Database and Mailing Lists
  • Consumer Purchase Behavior and Tendencies Database and Mailing Lists
  • Charitable Donors and Contributors Database and Mailing Lists
  • Ethnic Database and Mailing Lists
  • Family Database and Mailing Lists
  • Hispanic Database and Mailing Lists
  • Occupation Database and Mailing Lists
  • Senior Citizen Database and Mailing Lists
  • Student Database and Mailing Lists
  • Voter Database and Mailing Lists

Each of these lists offers a great selection of leads that can then be adapted to your specific needs.

Apartment Database and Mailing Lists

If you would like to target people who rent apartments or homes then our apartment database can help you. This list is customizable with the following data fields:

  • Dwelling Type
  • Apartment Complex
  • Monthly Rental Amount
  • Age
  • Income
  • Presence of Children
  • Marital Status
  • Gender
  • Length of Residency

DataMasters has compiled information from over 90,000 apartment complexes across the country. We can also apply our search methods to single family subdivisions and mobile home communities.

Consumer Mailing Lists for Purchase Behavior and Tendencies

DataMasters also has a database of 3370 Consumer Predictor Models. This database uses customer relationships to then predict future customer purchases with high probability rates. You can start by selecting a model group from 16 main categories:

  • Automotive Preferences
  • Business Activity
  • Communication Tendencies
  • Credit Card User Details
  • Financial and Banking Activity
  • Consumer Behavior Patterns
  • Grocery Purchase Patterns
  • Health Purchase Patterns
  • Insurance Products and Purchases
  • Investment Activity
  • Retail Purchase Behavior
  • Media Use
  • Non Profit Activity
  • Political Affiliation
  • Technology Preferences
  • Travel and Entertainment Purchases

This data can be organized and customized to help you reach your target audience. You are then able to advertise directly to those who fall into the outline of your target customer.

Charitable Donors and Contributors Database and Mailing Lists

Even non-profit agencies can benefit from the DataMasters database. We also have a large database featuring people who’ve donated to other non-profit agencies. For example:

  • Animal Welfare Donors
  • Art/Cultural Donors
  • Charitable Causes for Children
  • Health Related Donors
  • Political Donors
  • Religious Donors
  • Veteran Donors
  • Wildlife Donors

This data can help you target individuals who’ve previously donated to causes similar to yours. If you have a non-profit agency and are looking for donations then this list can be quite helpful.

Ethnic and Hispanic Database and Mailing Lists

DataMasters also has an ethnic database for those businesses that specialize in goods and services for specific ethnicities. This data is commonly used by:

  • Ethnic based media outlets
  • Religious offers
  • Ethnic retail stores
  • Ethnic grocery stores
  • And more…

We also can provide mailing lists for business owners based upon ethnicity. This list can be sorted further by additional qualifiers. For example:

  • Business type
  • Sales volume
  • Number of employees

Family Database and Mailing Lists

Many businesses offer products and services that are specifically targeted to families. DataMasters can also help with these needs. These lists can help businesses such as:

  • Private Schools
  • Learning Centers
  • Pediatricians
  • Children’s Sports Leagues
  • Kids Clothing Stores
  • Theme Parks
  • Movie Theaters
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Gaming Centers

This database can also be filtered to target specific age groups and much more.

Occupation Database and Mailing Lists

DataMasters also has a very extensive occupational database. We presently house over 31 million records that can be sorted into 84 occupations. This allows businesses to appeal to specific individuals based upon their occupation. It is also is often used by businesses that offer services or products specific to a certain field. Additionally, the list can be used to target individuals by income. For example:

  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Landscapers
  • Business men and women

Senior Citizen Database and Mailing Lists

Many companies provide services and products that are specifically designed for senior citizens. DataMasters can also provide you with the ability to reach out to these customers. The following types of businesses and offers apply to senior citizens:

  • Medicare Supplement Suppliers
  • Retirement Planning Offers
  • Reverse Mortgage Offers
  • Cruise and Travel Offers
  • Golf Offers
  • Hearing Aid Centers
  • Nursing Home Offers
  • Home Health Care Offers

Student Database and Mailing Lists

While some offers and businesses appeal more to senior citizens, there are also offers and businesses that appeal to students. For example, this popular list can help businesses appeal to students regarding:

  • Beauty Products and Services
  • Educational Products and Services
  • Summer Camps
  • Sporting Goods
  • Credit Card Offers
  • Military Enlistment Offers
  • Scholarships
  • Cell Phones
  • Housing Offers

Voter Database and Mailing Lists

Voter databases are also frequently used. In fact, they are used to reach out to voters for a number of reasons. For instance, these correspondences typically include:

  • Voter Polling
  • Election Updates

In addition, the voter database can be used to distribute political advertisements including notices about current issues.

(Note: Any of these Data Elements Can be incorporated into the Search Process and output on the final Order File at no additional cost)

Consumer Data Pricing: With our Consumer Data we can supply any 5000 Consumers with Postal for $60/M. Phone Numbers will cost the Following. 5000 Land Lines will cost $12/M additional, 5000 Cell Phones will cost $15/M additional per Phone Number. Email Addresses will cost $50/M. So “for example” 5000 Consumers with Postal, Land Line, Cell Phone Number, and Email Address will cost 13.7 cents each or $685.00. (Note: Any of these Data Elements Can be incorporated into the search process and output on the final Order File at no additional cost)

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Using Consumer Mailing Lists

Overall, we can offer you superior leads with our extensive database. DataMasters can also help your business reach out to your target customer by carefully filtering these lists. We also can create other lists that you don’t see posted here, including consumer email marketing lists for companies wishing to run email marketing campaigns. Of course the master database is always growing and changing. Therefore we can continuously provide new and updated lists. Our experts are presently standing by to help your business reach its full potential.

Call DataMasters today at (469) 549-1800 for more information about consumer mailing lists.