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Reaching new customers is key to the success of your business, but that is only the first step! Take it to the next level and reap the benefits of more successful marketing by utilizing direct mailing campaigns. Targeted campaigns are statistically proven to increase your marketing return. You can do it yourself with these tips below. Or you can follow the lead of other successful businesses and contact an expert in the field. DataMasters can provide you with the ability to reach local customers using mailing lists by area code that meet all of your business needs. Our data is guaranteed to be accurate!

One of the easiest ways to target a customer is by location. A simple way to do this is by area code. Choosing to contact those who are in your geographic area can improve the success of your campaign by ensuring it is relevant to your customer. If you have multiple locations for your business, you can easily grab lists for each area code. You know your business best! A successful list will take what you know about your current customers and apply that criteria to find similar customers.

Targeting Customers Using Mailing Lists by Area Code

Once you have your mailing lists by area code, you can add more criteria such as marital status, gender, age, hobbies, and more. A children’s store, childcare facility, or pediatric clinic may want to target by area code and then filter it to those who are parents. If your business specializes in pets, you can target your list to those with pets. Home improvement or restoration business would want to filter out renters and ensure they are reaching home owners because renters are typically unable to make home improvement decisions.

Now that you have your mailing lists by area code and have specified your business niche, consider your current customers. What makes them the ideal customer for your business? Your success with those customers can help you identify how to reach new customers. Are they married? Parents? Homeowners? What is their median salary? Targeted questions like these ensure you are accurately targeting potential customers.

Targeting your audience and identifying your goal are important steps to ensuring your mailing list campaign will succeed. Starting with the basics such as area code and building on that by adding demographic information will keep your campaign on track! Narrowing your list to a specific audience also allows you to be more creative. It even helps your campaign budget go a lot farther. This is because you’ll be reaching specific customers with similar interests and hobbies. Take advantage of what you know and design your material to match your audience!

Mailing Lists by Area Code Help Achieve Goals

We all want to see our businesses succeed. As experts in the field, we have identified ways to ensure your campaign is successful. Targeting your specific audience and identifying your marketing goasl are imperative to a successful campaign. Taking geographic location data such as a mailing lists by area code, then adding more demographical information such as gender, education, income, and age to target a specific group of people will ensure your budget dollars reach their highest potential and your campaign will reach the exact customers your business needs. The more you can narrow down your target, the higher the rate of return will be. In some cases, choosing a professional to assist you with the details of your mailing list is best. Data Masters can assist you in creating the perfect mailing lists by zip code to reach your marketing goals.

Targeting your mailing lists by area code allows you to be specific about the customer you are trying to reach. Your business is able to target the list to the location and other criteria such as hobbies, marital status, age and more. This list is personalized to your campaign and your customers needs and desires which is sure to improve the rate of your return. Designing this specific of a mailing list can be more challenging but this type of list also provides more freedom to create flyers or catalogues specific to the campaign and also gives you the ability to target your list to the actual location and style of customer.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

Once the decision is made to use a targeted list by area code there are more things to consider. Consider your current customers and their chosen lifestyle. What is the specific information about them that makes them interested in what your business has to offer? How can you utilize that information to design a targeted mailing list that will reach similar customers?

A targeted mailing list is a vital strategy to the effectiveness of your business, regardless of its size! It is a great way to guide customers toward you and your business. Contact DataMasters for the ideal, high-performing lists that meet all of your business needs!

Choosing to partner with a highly regarded business such as DataMasters and allowing us to assist with your direct mail marketing can make a difference in the success of your campaign. We provide only the best lists to help you grow your business and increase your profits.

Our highly successful data specialists can work with you one on one to determine your campaign needs and criteria to create a highly targeted, one of a kind list. We guarantee only the best and have the most accurate data available. We take pride in our business! And, we can take your project through every phase from start to finish and guarantee your satisfaction! With an A+ ranking at Better Business Bureau and superior customer service, you can be assured we are the best at our business!

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