Auto Database & Mailing Lists

Automotive Database and Mailing Lists


DataMasters maintains a weekly updated Automotive Database for Direct Mail Marketing, Telemarketing and Email Marketing.

We offer:

Over 211 million names and addresses of automobile, pick up truck and SUV owners in almost 114 million households throughout the U.S.
Over 69 million email addresses of these vehicle owners, all available for Email Marketing
Over 6 million DNC scrubbed land lines of these vehicle owners
Over 11.6 million vehicle owners with phones that are on the DNC database
8.6 million cell phone numbers that are not on the DNC database of these vehicle owners
Weekly updates to our automotive database

Why buy your Automotive Database and Mailing Lists from DataMasters?

Our National Automotive Direct Mail List is the premier source of automotive data for Direct Mail Marketing, Telemarketing and Email Broadcasting. Our Automotive Database is updated weekly from title changes, purchase and sale information. An average of 1.5 million Vehicle Owner Records are either updated or added every month and an NCOA is completed on the entire database once every month. The numbers will fluctuate as the regular updates occur and new sources are added. Please contact us for current automotive count information.


Our automotive data can be utilized for targeting:

Automobile owners who may need service work
Automobile owners who are in the need of a vehicle warranty
Auto dealers targeting automobile owners who need to upgrade to newer vehicles
Class action offers targeting owners of vehicles with various defects
Automobile owners who may want to purchase aftermarket parts and accessories
Automobile owners who are in need of auto insurance

Selections Available

Our customers consistently contact prospects with Targeted Direct Mail based on the vehicles that they drive with a 97% + accuracy rate. With our Automotive Database, you will be able to select your Target Audience and contact them with Direct Mail, by email and by telephone.

Our lists can be selected by:

Additional selections available at no additional cost:

Dwelling size
Homeowner vs. Renter
Length of Residency

See our Complete Listing of the Available Selections.

Demographic Automotive SelectsList SelectsGeographic & Other Selects
GenderVehicle YearState
Home OwnerVehicle Make/ModelCounty
Income or Home ValueOdometer ReadingZIP Codes
Number of Vehicles in HouseholdCar or Truck Purchase DateRadius around ZIP Code of Automotive Business
Automotive DIY ActivityCar or Truck Title DateRadius around Address of Automotive Business
Automotive Magazine SubscriberNumber of Vehicles in HouseholdMetropolitan Areas
Mail Order RespondentStyle CodesDMA
Blue CollarVINPhone
White CollarClass CodesLatitude/Longitude
OccupationDiesel or GasEnglish Speaking
Hispanic or Asian HeritageAuto Maintenance InformationPresence of Children

Other Offers

Monthly Vehicle Ownership Transfer Database with Phones
We now offer a one of a kind Monthly Database that averages between 9 million to 11 million New Auto Records each month nationwide of New and Used Vehicle Ownership Transfers.

The Auto Details include:

Phone Numbers

Approximately 7 million of these monthly new Vehicle Owners have Phone Numbers output, and these Phones are both Land Line and Cell Phone and consist of DNC and non DNC Phones, so Cell vs Land determination and DNC Scrubbing are the responsibility of the customer or end user.

Data Applications

These Auto Ownership Transfer Leads are ideal for:

Auto Warranty Offers or any offer that a new car owner could use
Telemarketing Offers or Ring less Voice mail Offers
Automobile owners who may want to purchase aftermarket parts and accessories
Automobile owners who are in need of auto insurance

Compilation Methods

This file is primarily compiled from Transactional Data Sources, and New and Used Vehicle Sale Information. All of the data is Certified Shelby Law Compliant.


Our Database price for the entire Monthly Vehicle Ownership Transfer file is $6,500.00 flat or $4,500.00 per month with an annual subscription.

Leased Vehicles
DataMasters now offers mailing lists of people who drive leased vehicles. The Lease Expiration Data is available with names and addresses of vehicle lessees who are coming up on the expiration of their auto lease. This Auto Lease Expiration Data can be pulled for leases expiring within the next 90 days, as well as leases due to expire from 90 days to 180 days, see average counts here: 1 to 3 month lease average count and 4 to 6 month lease average count. This information is maintained by the Credit Bureaus; therefore, an offer of Credit Mail Piece must be approved. Please click here for the Mail Piece guidelines.

For NON Credit Bureau sourced Vehicle Lease Data please refer to our page Vehicle Lease Expiration Data.
Companies with Fleets
We also offer Direct Mailing Lists of over 1 million companies with Fleets of Vehicles. With this unique database, you can select the target companies by the numbers of vehicles they have, the type of vehicles in their Fleet, or by the Company Type. All of these companies will come with company names and postal information and phone numbers where available. Click here for additional information.
First Out Automotive Data
We offer Weekly Hotline and Monthly Hotline postal data of new automobile, SUV and pick up truck owners who have just recently purchased their vehicles. See our Weekly and Monthly Auto Data Schedule and Data Card.
Auto Data with Email and Auto Data Email Appends
Of the over 211 million auto owners on our Auto Direct Mail File with Postal Information, we have almost 69 million email addresses available for Email Marketing (Auto Owner Email Counts). If selecting one per household, we will have about ½ of this number. Please inquire for further details.
Blue Book Value Appends
Blue Book Value is a consumer driven vehicle value. We can add Current Blue Book Values to your Automotive Direct Mail List. This process will incorporate the Vehicle Year, Make, and Model, the Mileage, and the VIN, as well as the Region based on the zip code. With all of these data elements plugged into our proprietary software, we will then output the trade-in values of each vehicle on your list. There will be three separate values added for the vehicles based on the vehicle condition. Click each of the following for the Blue Book Vehicle Condition Descriptions: Rough to Average to Clean. Also, click here for a data sample.

Also see: Blue Book vs Black Book Value Descriptions
Black Book Value Appends
We can add Black Book Values to your Automotive Direct Mail List as well. The Black Book Value is a dealer driven vehicle value. The Black Book Valuation deals with wholesale values and uses most up to date Auto Sales Information. As the Blue Book Valuation, the Black Book Algorithm method incorporates the Vehicle Year, Make, and Model, the Mileage, and the VIN, as well as the Region based on the zip code to produce a range of estimated vehicle values. The values added will be the Retail Value, and then the trade-in values ranging from Fair to Good, to Very Good, to Excellent. Click here for a PDF data sample.

Also see: Blue Book vs Black Book Value Descriptions
Canadian Automotive Mailing Lists


Automobile owners data5,000$0.095 each
Automobile owners data10,000$0.09 each
DNC scrubbed telephone numbers$0.015 apiece additional
Companies with Fleets data5,000$0.15 apiece
Blue Book value appends$0.08 per record
Black Book value appends$0.07 per record
Lease Expiration data4,000 (min. order)$0.30 per lead
Auto owners with email address5,000$0.15 each
Auto owners with email address10,000$0.14 each
Auto owners with email address - 30% to 50% match rate*$0.08 per match
Peel & stick labels (names and addresses)$15.00 additional per thousand

Please inquire and make sure to ask about our volume discounts!

*All emails are run through an Email Validation Process to insure 99%+ deliverability before distribution to our customers at no additional cost.

Please contact us today to speak to a friendly Automotive Data Marketing Specialist. (800) 897-1183, or email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the breakdown of your most common vehicle selections?

See our counts of the Most Common Vehicle Selections such as our breakdowns by:

Body Type
Fuel Type
Domestic vs. Import Breakdowns
Vehicle Year
Vehicle Transaction Year
Wheel Drive Type
Vehicle Type
2What data source do you use to build your database?

We use a variety of Data Sources when building and updating our database. Some of the main Data Sources listed below.

  • Point of Sale and Service Data
  • Transactional Data Sources
  • New and Used Vehicle Sale Information
  • Automobile Warranty Data Sources
  • Aftermarket repair facilities
  • Insurance Information from various Insurance Companies
  • Automotive Lien Data reported from Credit Bureaus
  • Self-Reported Data obtained from National online Surveys as well Telephone Surveys
  • Some Automotive Dealership Groups contribute Purchase Information
  • Service Transaction Records
  • After Service work Surveys