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DataMasters is a BBB Accredited Marketing Consultant in Flower Mound, TX

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DataMasters Direct Marketing

For over 20 years DataMasters has helped thousands of businesses to:

What We Bring to Your Project

At DataMasters, we specialize in Direct Mail Marketing Products of all types:  Business Mailing Lists, Telemarketing and Email Lists, Medical and Insurance Marketing Data, Automotive and Homeowner Data, Consumer Advertising Data, Printing Services and Database Products.

Our experience and insight help deliver Accurately Targeted Marketing Campaigns with Competitive Pricing.

Our strong relationship with all major Data Compilers in the Direct Marketing Industry guarantees reputable, high-quality data for your Direct Marketing Project. We are constantly expanding our products and services, to bring you the best our industry has to offer.

  • Property Data Property Data

    DataMasters is recognized for our Swimming Pool Data including over 7 million homes with swimming pools in the USA.

    Our Mobile Home Owner Database includes almost 3.5 million mobile home owners and over 14,000 mobile home communities. Our comprehensive Apartment Mailing Lists include over 90,000 apartment complexes.

    We also provide New Homeowner Lists on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for most areas throughout the country.

  • Consumer Data Consumer Data DataMasters offers the most comprehensive Senior Citizen Data available, with over 25 million individuals over 65 years of age. Our Family Data includes over 38 million households with children.

    Our Hispanic Mailing Lists reach over 12 million Hispanic households and Hispanic professionals. Our Ethnic Marketing Lists help target ethnicity by several different factors.

    Our Voter Registration Mailing Lists include over 72 million registered Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

  • Automotive Data Automotive Data

    DataMasters is a recognized leader in Automotive Owner Data with over 236 million vehicle owners by year, make, model and VIN.

    Our Auto Trigger Leads includes recent vehicle lone applicants.

    Our RV Owner Database includes almost 2 million motor home and travel trailer owners.

    Our Motorcycle Owner Database includes over 6 million motorcycle owners, and we offer a Boat Owner File with 5.5 million boat owners.

  • Business Data Business Data

    DataMasters offers multi-sourced Business Mailing Lists, as well as Weekly New Business Lists with over 45,000 new businesses added weekly.

    We offer an alternate specialty file of over 21 million US businesses, and over 500,000 Canadian businesses with email addresses.

    We offer a highly targeted and unique Business File by Profession, as well as corporate employee data that includes specific corporate executive contact information.

  • Medical Data Medical Data

    DataMasters provides an exclusive Ailment Sufferers Database that includes over 82 million people and 124 specific ailments.

    Our unuque database of over 62 million Medication Users contains user information for 95 different over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals.

    Our Medical Profession Database includes over 8.7 million health care professionals and over 43 medical specialties.

  • Mortgage and Insurance Data Mortgage and Insurance Data

    DataMasters specializes in Homeowner X-Date Lists of homeowners nearing renewal of annual insurance policies.

    We offer Mortgage Data for loan refinance, and Mortgage Trigger data of recent loan applicants. We provide daily, weekly and monthly data on new and refinanced homeowners. Our Mortgage Protection data is ideal for direct mailers.

    Our nationwide database includes over 9 million Private Party Lenders and Seller Carry Back records of mortgage note holders.

  • Printing and Mailing Services Printing and Mailing Services

    DataMasters offers a full range of Printing and Mailing Services.

    We can take your project from the mail piece design stage, to the printing and mailing of your mail piece.


Our Goal is Your Success!

Our clients are from all professions and trades. Some are new to Direct Marketing, while others are experienced advertisers, looking to expand into Email Marketing.

Our extensive Database Products, Print and Mail Services and Direct Marketing Data Expertise will help reach your potential customers via Print, Telemarketing and Email. Each product can be laser targeted to deliver your message to just the right audience.

Our goal is your marketing success, and a long-term business relationship, not just a quick sale.

We Provide Solutions

Our qualified consultants are ready to discuss your marketing goals and answer your questions. Regardless of the scale of your project or the size of your organization, every call or email receives our professional, courteous and completely objective response.

We make every effort to estimate an accurate Return on Investment for your Direct Marketing Project. We give honest advice, even if a data purchase or mailing is not the best solution to your marketing needs.

At DataMasters, we are excited to work with you on your project, and our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction.

Please feel free to call us or email us at any time.

Our clients include Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals, Medical and Insurance Professionals, Builders and Construction Companies, Service Contractors, New Business Owners, Political Candidates and more.

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