Print & Mailing Services

Print and Mailing Services

Print & Mailing Services

With our Full-Service Printing & Mailing Facilities, DataMasters can take your Direct Mail Project from the Idea Stage to the Creative Design Stage to the List Procurement Process on to the Printing & Mailing of your Mail Piece.

In our Direct Mail Services Department, our equipment is the best in the Direct Mail Business. We have the capacity to handle Small 5000 Piece Projects to large 100,000 + Piece Projects. We will provide for you the best possible USPS postal rates handling each direct mail project with personalized care.

Our Direct Mailing Services Include:

Custom Programming

List purchase /maintenance / hygiene

Merge / purge


Postal Qualification and Optimization

Printing – full color and black & white

UV Coating

Inkjet addressing

Machine inserting

Accurate match mailing




In-line gluing



Destination Entry / Drop Shipment

Trucking to BMC’s, SCF’s and DDU’s

Our Data Services Include:

List Purchase / maintenance / hygiene

File conversion

Data input


Merge / Purge


Database design

Mail Merge

Delivery Point Barcodes

Zip + 4


CASS certification

Custom programming


Postal qualification & optimization

Rates for Printing and Mailing Post Cards:

These fees include Presort, CASS Certification of your Mailing List, Printing your Post Cards in full-Color front & back either Aqueous or UV, Inkjet Names & Address on your Mailing Piece, preparation for delivery to the USPS Bulk Mail Center and Postage Paid to the USPS.

Post Card
Post Card Print
Post Card Printing &
Mail Fees Price
Postage Standard
Presort Rates
Totals with Print Mail
& Postage
4X6 5,000 $750.00 0.28 $2,150.00
4X6 10,000 $1,050.00 0.28 $3,850.00
4X6 20,000 $1,750.00 0.28 $7,350.00
5X7 5,000 $750.00 0.28 $2,150.00
5X7 10,000 $1,100.00 0.28 $3,900.00
5X7 20,000 $2,100.00 0.28 $7,700.00
6X9 5,000 $850.00 0.28 $2,250.00
6X9 10,000 $1,650.00 0.28 $4,450.00
6X9 20,000 $3,175.00 0.28 $8,775.00
6X11 5,000 $815.00 0.28 $2,215.00
6X11 10,000 $1,475.00 0.28 $4,275.00
6X11 20,000 $2,750.00 0.28 $8,350.00

Mail Permit Options:

Here are the most commonly used mailing permits, otherwise known as mail indicia. These permits make it easier and more cost effective to process your mail. As a customer, you are welcome to use any of our mailing permits free of charge.

PRESORT STANDARD: Less expensive, but slower than First Class mail. (Mail delivered in 2 to 3 weeks.

NON-PROFIT: Non-profit organizations get special rates and can use this permit.

PRESORT FIRST CLASS: Lowest possible rate for First Class Service, (Mail Delivered in 3 to 4 Days.

Our state of the art Facilities can handle virtually any type of Mail Piece whether you have a Personalized Mail Merge Letter that requires Folding and Inserting into Envelopes, or a Variable Data Print / Mail Job that will personalize each direct mail piece so the piece will look as if it’s been expressly designed and printed for each prospective customer.

DataMasters has all of the solutions available that will ensure the maximum effectiveness of your Direct Mail Campaign. Please contact us with any questions regarding your Print/Mail Job (469) 549-1800 or email us.